now i can't say that every friday i will have a post about bunnies, but man, wouldn't that be a perfect world?? instead, let's pretend for a second that posting about bunnies on a friday is a thing i do. ready? go!


hey folks! the weekend starts tomorrow and you know what that means for today... that's right! BUNNY FRIDAY!! today's theme is bunnies in clothes. hit the jump and enjoy the bunnypalooza!!

LOVE this

color humor!!

Chum Buddy!!

i saw this the other day and WANT IT SO BADLY!!!!! it's name is "chum buddy" and he's a sleeping bag/stuffed animal. can be ordered here. ps - my birthday is sept. 13th. just sayin...


i only discovered envelop a few months ago but wanted to mention it because i was looking around the site for some inspiration today. basically, the site allows aspiring designers to produce and sell their own designs on envelop's cotton based products. you can download a template, design, upload and if your creation is approved, you get a cut on anything that is ordered/sold. too bad it's a euro based site as it makes things just that much more pricey for us. c'est la vie. check out the site here.

Little Black Dresser

designer judson beaumont created this sleek little number for your home. the "little black dresser" marries sexy and furniture... but maybe not so much function?? who cares. it's awesome. hit the jump for another pic.


M.C. Escher Wet Dream

nope, totally not photoshopped. this is a real building. designed by frank gehry, it's the cleveland clinic lou ruvo center for brain health. although trying to figure out that building in real life might actually cause your brain to shut down (arguably, the opposite of brain health). hit the jump for a pic of the other side of the building.

Pocket Rainbow

here's an insanely awesome little flipbook published by japanese bookstore "utrecht." however, rather than an animated picture, this book allows the flipper to produce his or her own rainbow. genius.

Idol Finale Reaction

i was pissed when lady bowersox lost but apparently there were people that had way worse "coping" problems than i did. and yes, she does end the video uttering the phrase "my life is ruined."


chipmunks, dinosaurs, and robots... finally all in one spot

Universal Lies

so true...

Hello Kitty Jesus

hello kitty will one day return to judge all and seat them at the right paw of the father... or at least that's what sanrio would have you believe. apparently, the makers of hello kitty decided to irrevocably decree that they have the biggest balls in the known universe by giving jc the middle finger and slapping ms. kitty's face on the cross. nice one sanrio. 


i felt as though i had to post this today given the nature of this fun little book. although if it ends up being too successful, i might be out of a job... daniel jarosch and henrik klingel produced "the sneaker coloring book" out of their design studio PKNTS and basically it features 100 black and white line drawings of the most popular models of sneakers from 18 major brands. fancy yourself a sneaker designer?? give a go at what we do all day by picking up this book and having at it! the pages are perforated for easy removal and you can even submit your designs to PKNTS colouring competition.


Cuteness: Momonga

have you ever heard of a "momonga?" these things are so cute, you will actually lose all bladder control upon viewing them. go ahead. i dare you to google "momonga" and not change your pants after viewing the image results.

Best Buy and Me

about two years ago i had an awful experience with the employees of best buy and vowed never again to set foot in one. well i don't know what compelled me, but the other day i broke my vow and still haven't been able to scrub the dirty, dirty scent of incompetence from my body. it did however make me think of this amazing and oh so appropriate best buy interaction created by blogger/writer seanbaby.

LOVE posts!

and here we have the first of what i'm assuming are going to be many "LOVE" posts. basically, these will be all things awesome that i find that i just plain fucking love. i will try and cite my sources as best i can but if it's just a random image i have/found you'll have to forgive me.

that said, LOVE this:

probably the most frightening thing ever...

have you ever wanted to have everything you know and love about the world stripped from the very fabric of your soul, only to have it then stabbed repeatedly by the blades of a thousand fiery swords and dragged across an ocean of pestilence, fear, and self loathing?? well check out the following link!! click at your own risk and probably nsfw... i've included a small gif of estelle getty and rue mcclanahan to help lessen the nightmare that awaits. click here.


now here is a fun little story from work yesterday that started to make my imagination just go wild. someone was picking up prints from the printer and in doing so, discovered the page you see below sitting there waiting for him...

HOLY SHIT!!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!?!?! the mind SPINS at the utterly limitless number of questions and possible explanations behind this!!! first of all, why is the declaration for assistance so small on the page??? sure it's in all caps so a sense of urgency is inferred, but if one is to truly be in need of help, wouldn't you make your SOS as large as possible to maximize the potential for discovery of your plea??? assuming the printer itself hasn't become sentient and is simply out of toner or needs a paper jam cleared, it almost seems as if whoever wrote this didn't want his/her plea to be easily noticed... maybe by a possible captor who roams the halls near this printer?? but then why didn't the captive give a clue as to his/her current location??? i think ultimately, the most logical explanation is that someone was sitting at their desk when a bone crushing avalanche of shoes fell on them leaving only their right hand free and just in range of their keyboard so as to take one last stab at crying for help before taking their final breath...


here we have a magical little site that someone at work put me on to the other day. i've used it briefly but was def happy with the results in that short amount of time. basically, tastekid is a "recommendation engine" that refers you to music, movies, shows, books, and authors based on who/what you already know and like. i'd love to hear more testimonials about this so let me know if you end up finding it helpful as well. you can check out the site here.

Marc Jacobs loves baby oil!!

so yeah, here's mr. jacobs new ad campaign, and omg, he's the face of said campaign and omgomg he's naked. now this isn't the first time mj's appeared wearing only his chapless chaps (he stripped down for a louis lookbook back in '08) but listen mj: we get it. you work out. you're a multi-bajillionaire with an nice body and star tattoos. sure there's a little bit of jealousy in this post but GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY!!!!!!! quick warning: lumbering-rhinoceros-subtlety utilized ahead...

get it?? it's called bang... and it's over his crotch... and he's naked... get it?? get it??... apparently tho, this shot was considered too "risqué" for certain markets so hit the jump for images of the PG and G rated ads...

M&M's: Candy Geniuses

umm, have you seen these yet?? yeah, that's right. M&M's have apparently made a deal with the devil, breaking innumerable laws of physics, science and reality in order to somehow cram mini little pretzel balls inside their delicious chocolate candies. the result? a veritable tastebud orgy. i picked these up at target the other day and my world became just that much brighter. and if you don't like the mixture of chocolate and salty, you are not human.


Drinking horchata in 5 years time...

ok, i know i'm a little late on the "vampire weekend" train, but i was listening to horchata today and wondering why this isn't, like, the number one song ever. it is IMPOSSIBLE not to be happy listening to  this song. seriously, i dare you. if you listen to this and don't want to go smell flowers or just sit outside with the sun on you, you are probably someone who has murdered a kitten and/or bunny at sometime in your life. another song from noah and the whale after the jump...

Small Victories

So let's start things off light with a little bit of something that will warm even the coldest cockles of the heart. Small Victories was a gallery show put on by Booooooom that was a "celebration of the everyday." It showcased the unintentionally hilarious and quietly beautiful subject matter that photographers from around the globe submitted. I've posted selects from the show after the jump. Enjoy!


Jesus Rode Dinosaurs: PDX2.0

well here we are, folks. another person's contribution to the yippity-yap of the blog-o-sphere. on the one year anniversary of my time out here in portland, OR (a year that will henceforth be known as PDX2.0) i decided to add a better way to inform whoever-the-hell-cares-to-know about what's going on out here in the northwest...


what's going on in my head out here in the northwest. and let the record state: that "correction" was difficult for me to write because i do not intend this blog to be a soapbox for me to rant about my views, opinions, and no-one-f***ing-cares waxing poetics on life. i can't say that it won't happen, but it's not the intent. the intent of this blog is to entertain (myself, then you) but also chronicle all that is kick-ass in the world. hence the title of the blog and the very first posted cornerstone image. i also pledge to 1) stay away from capital letters unless absolutely necessary and 2) shower daily. see, everybody wins. KISSES!!