Vietnamese Blogging

just wanted to give you all the heads up that blogging will be spotty from the next few weeks as i'm off to the other side of the world for work. i'll do my best to post something whenever i can, even if it's just random pics of sites from around the city (and i will be spending a few days in japan so wouldn't it be HOTT if i got two weeks worth of posts just from that little excursion?!?!)


Alex Wong and Twitch From SYTYCD

ok, if you don't watch so you think you can dance, you NEED to watch this hip hop routine that was a few weeks back. un-fucking-real. click the link below! (if the link ever breaks, just google "sytycd outta your mind")

hd version here

Giraffe High Heels

our director at work sent this one around today. designers just LOVE making themselves some wacky high heels, and it can be super awesome, innovative and interesting, but really giraffe-legs-high-heels-designer?? REALLY???? in a word, these idiotic things are S-T-U-P-I-D.

Malicious Cat Emailing

ok, this is hilarious (rick sent it to me). from the original post:

"This is a supposed email exchange between co-workers, one of whom (David) is a designer. Shannon is a distraught cat owner who makes the mistake of asking David’s pro bono assistance in creating a Lost Cat flyer."

a little bit of design humor but funny for all. follow the link and read the whole thing. you won't be sorry.

Lost Cat Email Exchange


One More...

one more disney post, i swear. don't want to gay up this blog too much. here's all the celeb equivalents of disney princesses.

Realistic Buzz

as long as we're on disney... this is kinda rad

Super Cute Kawaii Disney!!

kawaii is japanese for cute, btw :) hit the flip for a few more

Condoms Ad

SO clever

The Woman

hilarious mock retro PSA from our british brethren  


Disney x Marvel

here's some cool images inspired by the acquisition of marvel by disney. COOL!! love the carl-hulk poster (carl is the old guy from up).


Funny (and bossy) Artwork


this bird condo from drake brodahl



yup, it's exactly what you think it is.

Vintage CTC

these have actually been out for awhile now, but i bought a box of cinnamon toast crunch at target a few weeks ago and was so excited about the retro packaging general mills did for five of their cereals. keep reading to see the vintage boxes up against their modern counterparts.


New (Awesome) Blu Animation

if you haven't heard of artist blu and his previous videos, you're missing out. here's his new one entitled "big bang big boom, " an unscientific story about evolution and it's consequences (as he puts it). enjoy!

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


As Long As We're Talking World Cup...

and "balls" for that matter...

this is actually fucking rad and comes from nike. it's a giant installation they put up for the duration of the games in one of the south african shopping centers. read on for more pics and description.

Questionable World Cup Illustration

soooo, working for adidas has made it VERY difficult to ignore the world cup. this is an illustration from their "live quest" series that commemorates memorable moments from the games. the above depicts south africa after having scored the first goal of the tournament, however if you ask me, it looks like the team is "scoring" in a very different way... or, at least #2 is...


these lovely owl illustrations!!

Animals in Sweaters

meh, let's continue with a random animal theme today, shall we?? so we start with animals and add in, oh, i don't know... sweaters. sound good?? yes it DOES!! bonus surprise pic at the end!!

Hamburgers + Shoes + Chihuahua = Perfection

Sorry :(

so i feel as though i must appologize for being a bad blogger these past few days as i've been having adventures in the great outdoors and crazy busy days with work. i promise i will get back into a regular groove but please bear with the pain of sporadic posts for the next few weeks. however, if we all weather the storm together, we'll be that much more united in the end. ONWARD MY BRAVE WARRIORS!! TO VICTORY AND BEYOND!! (also, more consistent posting will ensure more coherent metaphors, unlike this post)


Let's Colour Project

here's a campaign being undertaken by dulux and a few other paint companies to bring some color to the grey places of the world. read about the campaign here and watch the video below. thanks to rob for this one. enjoy!

Double Rainbow!!

here's one sent by my long lost friend kristen faulkner. original version followed by the spectacular autotuned remix.

and the remix:

Bunny Friday!!

it's been a BUSY week so here's a quick bun to get you goin' for the weekend. xo!



More "Street" Art!!

This time around, we have illustrator Sandrine Estrade Boulet and her super "embellishments" to commonplace objects and spaces. Hit the jump for a bunch more and yes, that is an upturned computer monitor darth vader below... HELLS YEAH!!

Biggest Motorcycle EVER!!!


Smallest Penis EVER!!!

Hipster Evolution Chart

it's best to click on the pic to make it big enough to read (although don't worry, clicking on it won't make the hipsters bigger... they'll still remain rail thin).


OK GO - End Love Video

and let us continue with today's theme of videos, shall we??

here's an awesome stop motion animation music video from ok go. added bonus for you if you've been trying to satisfy your craving for primary colored skinny jeaned hipsters.

Money, Money, Money

so this is super random, but i came across this ad campaign for a german alternative energy provider. it's beautifully designed and animated and the second half is actually kind of a little funny.

How Your Money Works from MUSCLEBEAVER on Vimeo.

iNcessant iPhone

i've now had two people send this to me and i'm taking it as a hint that i need to share. fucking iphone...



oh. my. GOD...!!! words do not describe the level of cuteness contained in this video. thanks to chris for showing it to me last week. it's required an insane amount of will power on my part to not post this thing sooner but here it finally is in all it's bunny glory. enjoy :)