Muppets with People Eyes

thanks to lady tarkington for this one. the name pretty much says it all. as for the pictures themselves, i believe they more or less say "creepy" but i'll let you be the judge.



this illustration by blake fili suárez

A Digital Age Christmas

thanks to tyler for this one!


Bunny Friday!!

these buns are ready to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight!


Big Bone Lick State Park

just found out today that this is a real place.


Google Beat Box

found today's posts from "today and tomorrow" and this is the last one. someone has discovered the ultimate use for google translate.


that awesome framed bookshelf on the left. pic taken from a japanese vacation rental home.

Most Genius Invention Ever

now THIS is how you tag and not get caught


Ugly Sweater Season

tis the season for ugly sweater parties but NOTHING beats this epically ugly (awesome?) sweater, christmas themed or not...

Accidental Subway Rainbow


this *adorable* stuffed unicorn

A Mixmas Bonus Track!!!

we had a white elephant exchange at our office christmas party last night and one of the amazing gifts i included in my contribution was rupaul's best-selling christmas album for 10 years in a row* "ho ho ho." now i know what you're thinking "omg, anthony!! didn't you have to spend like, at least $80,000 for something as amazing as that?!" and yes, even tho $80,000 would have been well over the $20 price limit for the gift exchange, i thought what the hell and bought it anyways not caring how much it would cost.** SO, in celebration of such an amazing find, i'm supplying you with one more song to add to your mixmas list for this year: Rupaul the Red-Nosed Drag Queen.

*citation needed
**it cost $2.50


Mountain Maniac Xmas

head on over to adult swim games for a festively mindless romp with a santa clad mountaineer and some pixelated christmas carnage. knock 'em dead kiddies!!! literally!! link is below.

play it here


Sugar Plum Rum: A Mixmas Cocktail Full of Melody

hello my lovelies. the holiday spirit officially has a stranglehold on me so i've decided to offer something back to all of you beautiful people who have been following my blog-o-site. think of it as my christmas gift to you and i offer it a few weeks early so that you have some time to enjoy it before the big day is upon us. i've put together a totally awesome christmas mix for you all to download and own and listen to and love!! it even comes complete with fancy album artwork to show i really do care!! and i promise, even if you hate christmas music, there's sure to be a few gems in there even for your scroogey little ass. so click the link below and THANKS FOR READING!!!

SUGAR PLUM RUM: A Mixmas Cocktail Full of Melody



Shana Banana

bunny friday has been postponed this week out of respect for the loss of shana today. banan hasn't been doing well for the past couple weeks and i had to make the decision to say goodbye to her this morning. despite being a crotchety old lady, she was my crotchety old lady and i loved her.

banan: i hope you're doing well and infinitely more peaceful and comfortable now. love you girlie xoxo


Gabby La La

words don't describe how amazing this song is. and yes, it's in english

Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus!!

giant shark! flying teeth! shitty cgi! steve urkel! reptile wrestling! generic sexy actress! crocodile lightning! kaPLOOM! and that's just what's in the trailer!!!!!!!

mind you, this is not to be confused with it's predecessor, mega shark vs. giant octopus


this illustration by marc johns

Daily Funny

and the subtext reads:
if you can't remove a tab then don't bother trying to contact me. i don't want any posers. 

Minimalist Muppets

super awesome print by designer eric slager. my fave is of course that handsome little green rectangle in the top corner.


Today's Song Is:

here's mariah and odb invoking some tom tom club genius of love


miXmas Tumblr: 2010???

keeping with the holiday theme, here's a link to a music tumblr that some dude has been posting to once a year. each year he makes a pretty nifty wintery mix and i'm hoping he gets a 2010 version up in the near future. check out his old mixes tho and download yourself some free music if you already don't own these little gems.

Bunny Friday!!

well my christmas tree is officially up and lit and just needs to be decorated so it's officially the start of the holiday season for me. that said, what better way to celebrate than with a little ball of fluff santa bun!!!


Bright Eyes Bushy Tail

tonight i met the artist that makes these stuffed little guys so i had to post about them. they're fucking adorable. check out her etsy story at www.brighteyesbushytail.etsy.com. i can't tell if my favorite is the venus flyfriend above, mugly the monkfish or the sneaky bushytailed fox. adorable.