Bunny Friday!!

sorry for the late post today. traveling for work but bunny friday must go on!!


Can't Tell Me Nothin'

and here's your zach galifianakis video of the day

Say Hello to Archie

well it's official for those who haven't heard: Archibald Cerberus Statham Esq. is officially under new management (aka, i have a new dog). he's called archie for short, but also goes by bloodlust and deathstrike. past and present owners are also pictured above. he's pretty awesome and came to me at an unbeatable price and fully loaded  (aka, free and with all manner of dog accessories, vet visits, and a full repertoire of tricks). and of course, thanks to mr. ethan huggins for a smooth and awesome adoption process :)


More Shake Weight Fun

thanks to bryan rogers for sending me this one



paloma faith's upside down

Bunny Friday: Water Edition

i found a video this week of bunnies who, like me, were trapped by a raging river of doom but were eventually saved*. here's the aftermath once they got home:

*story can neither be confirmed nor denied


Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising

thanks to awesome little blossoming designer and cousin annie for this one. for those who've ever sat in on a marketing meeting anywhere, the content within this tumblr will be allllllllll too familiar and nauseating.

Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising

Paper Rad

totally feeling kind of wah-wah today because the grim reality of the temporary loss of my car is starting to reeeeeally sink in. that having been said, i need all the happiness i can find to surround myself with today. it just so happened that someone handed me this very shoe today at work and boy oh boy does this beauty embody all that is happy and magical in the world. this was a collabo done with adidas and artist paper rad and if you haven't seen the acid colored mind fuck that is his artwork, do take a moment to check it out. check out the image after the jump for a side view of the above creation or abomination or whatever you want to call it.


Raging River Carnage of Death Destructioning!!!!

it was only obvious what my post for today should be considering the events of the recent long weekend... for those who didn't hear, me and three friends were left stranded in the mountains near hood sunday night because of a raging river of death that flooded and washed away the only road leading to our cabin and the rest of civilization. and when i say "washed away" i mean totally and completely fucking fucked the fuck up obliterated the road to nothing. well no, correction; that's a lie. obliterated and then converted the road to a river seeing as the original river, who decided to be even more of a prick than he already was, decided to flow an entirely new course right where the road used to be. all this happened sunday night at which point we found out we would have to wait until morning so that we could hike through the woods around the new river and then the remaining 2 miles into town. PS - the pic above is where the road used to be so yeah, it's not really a matter of just some simple "flooding." more pics and story after the jump. most photos are courtesy of michael mcmanus as he was the one that we were forcing to continually take out his camera and take pics :) 

but yeah, highlights of this journey were: 

-abandoning our cars not knowing how long it will be before we can get them back because, well, you'll see why... 
-losing all electricity the night before and only having enough food for one more meal (and only bananas left over in the morning for breakfast)
-pouring rain prohibiting a fire to be started that night of the flood
-doing the 2 mile hike in the rain with 2 dogs and all of our personal items that were too valuable to abandon including my mother fucking laptop
-no cell service until we hit the bottom of the mountain
-me thinking i had to be to work that morning not realizing i had mlk day off until i finally got ahold of my boss



One More Craigslist Hot Tub Post...

the friend that sent me the first link followed up with this one. MUCH tamer and actually funny with little elements of brain-fucking disturbia involved. enjoy :)

craigslist post: to my naked hot tub party neighbors

Hot Tubs & Craigslist

so i'm going up to mt hood for the weekend where there will be a hot tub and all sorts of various hot tub related exploits at points throughout.well, not all sorts i should say... because all sorts would encompass sorts like this:

WARNING: not for the feint of heart or stomach. this is an actual craigslist post that was found and showcased on the blog list of the day. just remember that people like this actually exist... also, there's poop involved. lots of poop :(

craigslist ad of the day: hot tub

Bunny Friday!!

oh bunnies in a cup... whens will you ever stops trying to be dranked...


I Heart Lilo & Stitch

still my all time fave disney cartoon


Free Music Follow-Up


i keep meaning to put this on here because it was actually pretty decent but here's an old post off of the uo website that features 20 songs from the best albums of 2010. go grab them before they disappear!!

Whale & Pine

really cute prints and artwork over at this artist collab site called whale & pine. they also have a snazzy little blog too that's worth checking out.

Mark Ronson

at the risk of being kidnapped, fined and sent to jail by the fbi i'm going to go ahead and share some more muzik with all you lovely lovelies simply because i'm so obsessed with it this morning. a friend had one of these songs on a mix he made and while listening to it at the gym the other day i was like GOD i need to just bite the bullet and get that whole damn cd... lucky for YOU tho, i'm handing it over with no work on your part. FUCK i'm nice... that said, go ahead, download, and make some sweet sweet love to mark ronson's version.

btw, his newest album record collection is super good. it's not as soul/funk-centric but rather more hip hop with all original songs instead of covers.


Cute Overload: Snow Edition

baby yeti!!!


is there truly anything he can't do??


Designing the Stop Sign

OH. MY. GOD. this is absolutely BRILLIANT for anyone who's ever worked in design although the message totes crosses over for anyone who's ever simply worked for a client.


Honeysuckle Wins!!!!

hey design nerds and regular people who aren't cool enough to know this!! pantone has announced it's 2011 color of the year and it's.... drumroll....


straight from pantone's website:
"Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing 'everyday' about it."


ok, first off: fuck you pantone. honeysuckle?? really?!?!?! not only is the name gayer than that time i had sex with that dude, you basically told all of the design world that the color you're promoting for an entire year is the exact same color that's found in the upset stomach/anti-diarrheal aisle of your favorite neighborhood drugstore. no really; i checked. i have a pantone fan right in front of me and even if proctor and gamble isn't using that exact same color for pepto, it definitely appeared on their "inspiration page" when they conceived the product. secondly, this whole proclamation is misleading and consequently beyond asinine because how the fuck can you proclaim an "anything-of-the-year" when the year your referencing hasn't even happened??? call it something else, pantone, like "color we'd love to see used in the coming year because we just got a HUUUUUGE bag of cash from an unnamed health and beauty fortune 500 company and it would be totes cool if you could help them out as well"-of-the-year. 

*thanks to mikey for putting me on the scent of this one*


San Fran Happy-Meal Ban

caught an episode of the daily show yesterday on the flight back to pdx and had the privilege of seeing this amazing segment. kudos daily show. i couldn't find an embed code for the video so just click the link below to watch it off the daily show website.

The Daily Show: Aasif Mandvi - San Francisco Happy Meal Ban

Happy 2011 Everyone!!

i know this is a few days late but i've been mega super busy this holiday season. HOWEVER, today i'm back in the game and posting once again. happy new year everyone!!