essential bunny gifs

apologies for not updating this lately. work has been way to busy. please accept this apology:

the most important bunny gifs on the internet


jesus spotted in pugs behind!!

no but really

new favorite workout song

david luciano - potholes

awesome photo series utilizing all the awesome potholes found in major cities. check out his site for the full series. selects below.


crocheted bowser shell for your pet turtle

instructions here for your rainy day crafternoon

bunny friday!

much like the site stuffonmycat.com, here's the bunny version, stuffonmyrabbit.net. approve!


well hello

this might be the proudest i've ever been to work for this company...



found this designer on tumblr yesterday and thought i wrote down his name but i didn't. dammit. when is google going to invent their backwards image search?? until google gets their act together, these are awesome, whoever you are.

want to go to there


tech noir

awesome tumblr of movie gifs. selects below. all of them here:


bunny shaming

i saw this article last month on buzzfeed and keep forgetting to share it on a bunny friday. that said, today's the day! bunny shaming is the practice of photographing your bun and telling the world about any mischief they've gotten into. you can read the entire article here or just check out some select shames below.