can't blog. must go snowboarding. you should do something for you today as well. that said, take 9 mins and 20 secs out of your life and watch the greatest animated short of all time by don hertzfeldt (especially if you've never seen it).


ur doing it wrong

this is something that the good people over at pleated-jeans do to help better the internets. it's essentially fail photos but hey, people are stupid so we'll never run out of new and intriguing content. hit the jump for a choice few.

superhero speed dating

for those up on their nerd humor

epic blind cat vs. hair dryer battle

ok, one more animal post for today because why not? it's friday. here's a blind cat coming face to face with a hair dryer who's a total dick:

thanks jenny

animals in cups

so did you know searching for "animals in cups" results in an inordinate amount of image results?? you did? well fuck you too.

whilst collecting digital buns for the previous post, i stumbled upon this phenomenon and realized you can even narrow the results down to specific animals. the clear winner was guinea pigs. look at them. all stupid and squeaky and probably already shitting in that cup. but damn you're cute. click through for the first ever collection* of guinea pigs in cups on the internet and a final bonus image!

*claim not substantiated


IT'S BACK!!! THE RETURN OF BUNNY FRIDAY!!! WOOHOOOO!!! fondest bunnies, how we adore thee. i must offer up a thousand apologies to our long eared brethren as they have been neglected for months on this most holy day of the week (aka, the day before the weekend). 

today we celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring with a brief retrospective of bunnies in snow (and one bunny made of snow). welcome back buns. 



holy shit! chuck norris without his beard or stache is just... your grandpa!

click on through to see the unholy abomination that is chuck norris' upper lip. and some man tittie. 

ron mueck

hey girls

all tuckered out


don't get water on them

and don't feed them after midnight


good example


this dude's crazy talented. awesome use of pattern. i think his name is christopher marsden. hit the jump for more or just head over to his portfolio.

someone wrote this...

...and consequently, people (unfortunately) read it. holy shit.

Aikiu - Pieces of Gold

nice transition from yesterday's last post. thanks for the reminder ryan!

The Aikiu ♡ Pieces Of Gold by Panteros


fucking clever


continue after the jump for a BUNCH more.

desktop pic dump

and last post for today, here's a bunch of images i found on my desktop:

fuck yeah retro adidas

new tumblr. you go now.


hey everyone. just in time for easter, i'm back from the proverbial dead in an attempt to blog again. same intent as last time: to become closer to jesus through dinosaurs... and maybe less boring writing in each post. ride 'em cowboys.