bunny shaming

i saw this article last month on buzzfeed and keep forgetting to share it on a bunny friday. that said, today's the day! bunny shaming is the practice of photographing your bun and telling the world about any mischief they've gotten into. you can read the entire article here or just check out some select shames below.


appropriate use of technology


another in my string of posts featuring boobies i find fascinating

hug life

rainy memorial day indoors

this is what i did with my memorial day. i actually never left the house yesterday. scary.

16x20 painted photograph

building images

photographer's name is isabelle wenzel. fucking love this series of women in the office environment. more info here.


bunny friday!

i actually have a bunny friday post for this week! figured it a special occasion as we have a holiday coming up this weekend. below is a potpourri of bun lovin to get the weekend started right.